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Organ Shortage in Malaysia: The Public View
The lives of more than 18,000 Malaysian patients who are in the waiting list for organs are under th..
Penyakit Tropika di Negeri-negeri Melayu Bersekutu 1896-1914
Buku ini membincangkan tentang penularan tiga jenis penyakit tropika di Negeri-negeri Melayu Berseku..
Practical Aspects of Acute Care 2nd Edition
Management of patients in need of acute care can be daunting for most doctors. A recent survey revea..
Quick Management Guide in Gynaecology
This book provides the busy doctor managing women’s health with a quick and easy guide in the diagno..
Rahsia Diet Malaysia
Hakikat sebenar Dalam buku ini, Dr Tee E Siong, pakar pemakanan terkemuka Malaysia akan mendedahka..
Regulating the Private Health Sector in Malaysia
This book assesses the degree to which the Malaysian government exerts influence over the activities..
Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention
The objective of this book is to increase awareness of issues pertaning to safety promotion and inju..
Science & Technology in Malaysia
It is appropriate that a book containing the texts of Inaugural Lectures should be published. It's t..
Self Assessment in Ophthalmology
This is a comprehensive and clinically relevant textbo..
Short Notes in Dermatology
Short Notes in Dermatology is a handbook covering common conditions in the field of Dermatology. It..
Sistem Maklumat Geografi dalam Kajian Demam Denggi di Malaysia
Sistem Maklumat Geografi dalam Kajian Demam Denggi di Malaysia memberikan penerangan tentang penyak..
Skizofrenia Penyakit Mental
Skizofrenia sering disebut sebangai penyakit mental atau psikiatri paling serius dialami manusia. Pa..
Statistics for Health Care Professionals
This book is a complete and self-contained presentation of the fundamentals of statistics with many ..
The ABC’s of Community Participation in Primary Heath Care
THIS MANUAL on community participation in Primary health Care for the urban poor is based on the les..
The Breast Cancer Survivor`s Guide
The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Guide is a comprehensive workbook, with the emphasis on a partners..