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In order to maintain an adequate level of physical fitness one must not only have some forms of exercises but also have a satisfying enough mental reason to continue with the exercises. Such exercises must be suitable for persons of all ages and must be adaptable and relevant as a person feels slightly 'off color' and still not overstrain him. It must be ultimately shown in the person's general health, mental alertness and physical well being. 
    Such exercises are Wu Chu Chuan, Wu Chi Chuan and Therapeutic Exercises which being handed down several hundred years ago from the Shaolin Temple in China. 
    The Wu Chi Chuan system consist of more than 18 sets. These sets are used to discipline the body and the limbs by loosening the joints and utilizing the correct postures and correct steps. 
    Wu Chi Chuan as a physical exercise is made up of 36 sets and as a martial art uses the principle of Ying or soft against Yang or hardness. Wu Chi Chuan is the mother of the soft school of Chinese exercise. 
    Constant practice of Wu Chu CHuan and Wu Chi Chuan will result in the intrinsic physical energy of the body being set into motion. 
    Therapeutic exercises are the healing exercises which include movement, stationary postures and breathing. They adjust the correct posture tone the muscles tendons, ligaments, nerves, vessels and organs. They also increase the body metabolism. The therapeutic exercise are suitable for young/ old, male/female and you do not deed a wide space to do them. They start with little strain and then increase to much greater strain.

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