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EXERCISE is very important in our daily life; without exercise, we may get sick and not recover completely. Any exercise is beneficial, but specific disorders, we have to choose the right exercise. It is also vital that the person should not overdo any exercise; otherwise, he will get worse instead of better. 
    Many people suffer from various types of disorders, such as stiffness and pains, now and then because of the daily stress our bodies are subjected to or because of lack of exercise. Those with generic effects of the joints will also suffer sooner or later, unless preventive steps are taken. If the problem is rectified early, extensive damage may be averted and the degree of improvement would be much higher. 
    Some of the common disorders that people suffer from are rheumatic pains, wear and tear disorders, post tear and sprain disorders, dislocation of the bones, fractures, stroke, gout and viral infection. A series of programmed exercise graded according to the 'strain' exreted, that is, light, and strong and carried out over a period of time can be used to alleviative certain conditions and to maintain good health. Treatment is important, but it should not be the end. In this book, the author, Mai Chai Soon has focused on exercises for the joints of the body. The end result of the exercise is to loosen the ligaments and muscles, and then the strengthen the ligaments, muscle, bonse and cartilage to prevent a relapse. 
    All the exercise in this book are usefull for rehabilitation and help improve stiff joints and pains. People with cancerous and infections types of disorders, bone fractures, dislocation of the bones, ligament and muscle tears and blood disorders should seek treatment before doing the exercise in this book.

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