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Management of patients in need of acute care can be daunting for most doctors. A recent survey revealed that most young doctors were inadequately prepared with the proper skills to manage patients with life-threatening conditions. This aspect of training is sadly lacking in medical school. There is a failure to recognize that the knowledge of acute critical care management is required as soon as the medical student graduates as a doctor, as evidenced by the lack of books and other teaching materials to guide the junior doctor seeking to master the many practical aspects of the acute care of the critically ill patient. 
    It is with this in mind that the authors hope to share the experiences and skills they have acquired in their many years in anaesthesiology to help the less experienced doctor on this venture of acquiring the skills required for acute critical care management. It aims to fill the many small gaps in the medical education of the young doctor. Life sustaining skills are routinely taught in anaesthesiology and practitioners in this field are constantly presented with opportunities to practice and sharpen these skills daily in their encounters with their patients. They aspire to pass these practical skills to the average doctor and enable them to embark on their journey through their chosen careers as doctors with the ability to literally save the lives of their patients.



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