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THIS BOOK is about steam machinery, covering mainly boilers and steam turbines. This is tinged with a little bit of marine engineering; a worthwhile diversion to landbased steam engineering.A 'pictorial' approach to the subject matter is relevant to introduce the subject to operators and engineers, who shall be dealing with steam machinery the first time. Thus, the accompanying thermodynamics is kept to the absolute minimum. 
    This book is primarily written for the main part of an elective subject: " An Introduction to Prime Movers" recently introduced by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Malaya. A glossary is also appended to some chapters. How successful this book in fulfilling its role as the main text cannot be gauged in this first edition. However, this was the approach that was adopted by the marine engineering schools in the early 1970's. Perhaps, a better and more modern way to approach the subject matter is to make use of the multi media technology.


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