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Chapter 1: External Shocks and Internal Strategies: Implications for Industrial Production in Klang Valley versus the Rest of Malaysia 
Chapter 2: Labour Market Issues in Malaysia 
Chapter 3: A More Fixed or More Flexible Exchange Rate Regime? Some Theoretical Deliberations 
Chapter 4: The Benefit and Cost of Malaysia’s Pegged Exchange Rate System, 1998-2005 
Chapter 5: Islamic Banking in Malaysia: An Evaluation of Performance 
Chapter 6: The Stock Market and the Economy 
Chapter 7: Analisis Kaedah Program Linear 
Chapter 8: Country Size and Sustainability of Trade Agreement 
Chapter 9: Perdagangan Malaysia dalam Konteks WTO 
Chapter10: Budgetary Consociation and the Body Politic: Ethnicity and the State in Plural Societies 

    With ten chapters ranging over industrial production, labour market, exchange rate, international trade, banking, stock market and public finance, this book provides a kaleidoscopic view of a wide spectrum of economic issues of contemporary importance. Included in this volume are theoretical and empirical analyses on various specific subjects such as the impact of external shocks and policy-induced internal adjustments upon sectoral production, changes in the distribution of employment due to structural transformation in the economy, use of linear programming in production decision-making, role of country size in determining the sustainability of trade agreements, implication of World Trade Organization membership for a small open economy, the impact of the degree and nature of ethnic diversity on public policy and, within an inverted and complementary paradigm, the process of ethnogenesis and reethnicization in response to public policy stimuli.

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