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SOLAR hot water heaters are now been accepted as a reliable source of providing hot water heating in many domestic homes and are becoming more and more popular. In the early days, solar water heaters were considered a novelty. Householders then were skeptical about the ability of the solar heaters to perform satisfactorily to supply sufficient hot water for the daily needs. They are now willing install solar system in their homes. 
    More than 10 years ago there were very few solar water heaters in the country. The ones that were available than were either hand-made locally by solar enthusiast or they were brought into the country by their owners during their visit abroad. Nowadays. Imported and locally manufactured solar water heaters are available. Of course, the imported models cost more than locally produced ones. Made-in Malaysia solar water heaters are also being exported to neighbouring countries. 
    Local manufacturers began to fabricate and sell their equipment without much knowledge of the materials to be used and the expected performance of their products. Manufacturers, existing and potential users, and designers are now seeking more fundamental knowledge of the principles of solar heating systems. This book is being written as a primer to provide a basic and fundamental knowledge of the engineering and applications of solar hot water heating.

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