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Do you occasionally speak Portugues Malaká
(Papiá Cristang). Have you ever found yourself
writing a text message in Portugues Malaká
(Papiá Cristang) and stopped to wonder how
to spell a certain word you always use? Or
are you a beginner, curious about this unique
Whether you are already familiar with it or a
beginner starting from scratch, this book will
guide you through the spelling, pronunciation
and use of Portugues Malaká (Papiá Cristang).
You can choose to follow the lessons one by
one, or to go straight to your topic of interest;
the activities can be done at your own pace,
and do not require you to be in a classroom or
have a strict schedule.
So what are you waiting for? Beng prende
Portugues Malaká (Papiá Cristang)!

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