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Over the years, there has been an increase in the auctioning activities in
Malaysia. However, the auctioneer’s profession in Malaysia is not given
the recognition as a result, the existence of the auctioneering profession
in Malaysia is hardly known to many as compared with other established
professions. Therefore, the purpose of this book is to give an awareness to the
readers on current auctioneering practices in disposing real estate in Malaysia.
The interesting about this book provides some interesting background of this
profession that includes the history of Auction in Malaysia. Beside, this book
provides the existing structure and the legislative framework of the auction practice
in Malaysia that was valuable sources of information to the readers. In addition, it’s
also provided some information on getting an auctioneer’s licence in Malaysia as
well as the general procedure for auction in High court and land Office. This book
concludes with valuable insights for improving the current auctioneer’s profession
in Malaysia. The contents of this book are based on authors’ previous research and
experiences in this area.

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