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This book focuses on land development on highland areas. It
discusses land use planning, laws and regulations pertaining
to land development on highlands. The increasing cases of
development failures on highland areas have led to the need for
the authorities and professionals to explore and find solutions to
mitigate the problems. The main aim of this book is to compare
the issues and process of land development on highland areas
between Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is chosen for benchmarking, based on its
success in managing highland developments. The discussion
aims to gauge the effectiveness of land development legislation
and development approaches for highland development. From
the comparison made, it appears that in Malaysia, the land
development mechanism on highlands is still in the infancy stage
whereby current property laws and regulations still fail to achieve
highland development standards compared with Hong Kong.
Thus, a practical framework is suggested to ensure the land
development on highlands in Malaysia will be at a similar standard
as the Hong Kong mechanism in managing highland development

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