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In the preparation of this volume, approaches in the analysis of data
and language corpora have been able to shed light on aspects of the
speech systems of the Orang Asli of the Malay Peninsula. The outcome
of treating linguistic data in the synchronic and diachronic dimensions
has enabled the writers to render interpretations not only of the microaspects
of their languages, but just as important on the relationship
between the various groups and sub-groups. Linguistic evidence does
not support such division between Proto-Malays and Deutero Malays.
While Orang Laut has been placed in the category of aborigines prone
to life in the seas as opposed to land Orang Asli, history has shown that
what are known as sea and land people were not fixed categories, as
there had been changes in their geolinguistic status due the freedom
they had in moving from one region to the other.

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