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Pharmacy in Malaysia: History and Development is a comprehensive documentation of the
development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical services in Malaysia. The narrative of historic events
and interviews with other pharmacists, as well as the author’s first-person accounts, is presented in a
readable style, making this book an interesting read. It covers the development of various sectors of
pharmacy including public services, legislation, hospital, industry, community and education, as well
as the role of pharmacists, and is an excellent reference for anyone interested in the pharmaceutical
sector. Every aspect related to medicines is mentioned in some way, providing a starting point
for further research and discovery. Pharmacy in Malaysia: History and Development will serve as an
invaluable source of information for pharmacy students and pharmacists, healthcare professionals,
entrepreneurs venturing into the pharmaceutical sector, and anyone who wishes to have a better
understanding of the triumphs and challenges of the Malaysian healthcare services.

Paraidathathu (P.T.) Thomas has served as a pharmacist in a hospital, in the national pharmaceutical regulatory agency,
and in both public and private education sectors. He is Executive Dean and Professor at the Faculty of Health and Medical
Sciences, Taylor’s University, and Emeritus Professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia).


For some time now, many pharmacists have articulated
and felt the need for a proper and comprehensive
documentation of the development of pharmacy in
Malaysia. Congratulations to Prof. Thomas who has taken
on this responsibility and made this a reality. This book
will serve as a very useful resource and introduction to
anyone in the healthcare service and industry in Malaysia.
Dr Ramli Zainal
Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Services Programme,
Ministry of Health Malaysia

This book is a recommended read for all pharmacists and
pharmacy students. Prof. Thomas has sieved through
extensive amounts of data compiled from various
sources to give a comprehensive account of pharmacy
in Malaysia.
Mr Ewe Kheng Huat
Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Association of
Malaysia (PhAMA)

Prof Thomas has used all available resources at his
disposal and his wide experience and network in the
public and private sectors to put together a book
that will be of immense value to those involved in the
pharmaceutical sector.
Mr Keh Song Hock
Executive Director, Malaysian Association of
Pharmaceutical Industries (MOPI)


Prof Thomas, a former council member and Deputy
President of MPS, and founding member and former
Deputy Principal of the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy,
has used his extensive experience and deep insight to
produce a comprehensive and honest account of the
pharmacy profession and its challenges. Personally, I
find the book very interesting, informative and inclusive
in nature. This seminal publication is a must-read for all
Mr Amrahi Buang
President, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)

Historical records on pharmacy are scarce and not
easily available. Thus, I am delighted, and congratulate
Prof Thomas on this monumental work. His insight and
analysis of the profession and related industries, past
and future, will benefit those who are in the healthcare
Dr Choe Tong Seng
Executive Director, Malaysian Association of
Pharmaceutical Suppliers (MAPS)

Prof Thomas is a well-liked and favourite teacher of many
pharmacy students. In my opinion, there is no one more
qualified to write such a book because of his experience
in various sectors and involvement in pharmacy-related
activities, both nationally and internationally.
Associate Professor Dr Jamia Azdina Jamal
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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