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A unique collection of thoughts put down on paper during the tumultuous Global
Financial Crisis of 2007 and 2008, this tome comprises not just a detailed timeline of that
frightening period, but captures all the fears, moves, and little triumphs at a time when
the world thought the global economy would collapse and worldwide conflict erupt.
While the impact was muted in Asia, behind the scenes economists, industry players
and governments were frantically building bunds to stave off the floodwaters of misery
from America and Europe.
Strategic and tactical options were all brought forth and this book exemplifies a
range of them in simple, everyday reader form in any aspect that mattered, from what
happened in the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and 1998, to how economies develop, to
thoughts on reforming the global financial architecture and the rise of China. In it, too,
are thoughts on methods to progress Islamic countries just before Arab Spring exploded.
A little jewel in the form of a rarely written history of Malaysia’s fund management
industry, now one of ASEAN’s largest is also within. It shows how economic theorem,
often thought of as abstract, is actually used in real world scenarios.
The book is, quite simply, economics and geostrategy in action.

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