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Tibb Nabawi on Nature-based Products is a book containing
a collection of 11 articles that have been presented in the
International Conference on Botanical Medicine Based
on Sunnah Nabawiah (ICONIC 2017) on the 20-25 August
2017 in Male, Maldives. This conference was organized by
the University of Malaya with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs,
Republic of Maldives. The theme of conference was “Food
Based on Sunnah Nabawiyah: Demand and challenges
in an Urban Society”. This book discusses various topics
relating to Tibb Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine) especially from
plants, herbs or food. Additionally, some of the discussions
involved researches from the point of view of manuscripts
on traditional medicines. Among the plants and herbs
highlighted in this book (which are mentioned either in the
holy Quran or hadith) are al-Qust (Cheilocostus Speciosus),
Idhkhir, Henna, Yaqtin (Lagenaria Siceraria), Corn (Zea Mays)
and and plants from the Zingiberaceae family. Among the
food discussed in this book include al-Mann wa al-Salwa
and honey. The discussions in this book are very important
for readers to gain a clear understanding about the benefits
of plants and herbs mentioned in the Quran and hadith. It
is crucial to note that Allah the Almighty does not mention
anything in the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
does not narrate anything in his hadith except for the benefit
to humankind. It is with great hope that the content of this
book will bring great benefit to everyone

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