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Smart Cities can be directly linked to the explosion of information and
communications technology (ICT) which forms part of the Fourth Industrial
Revolution (Industry 4.0). The platform provided by ICT has enabled cities to be
smart or smarter, which in the era of increased competition means an opportunity
for cities to flourish or at least stay relevant.
This book is a timely guide for anyone who is interested in understanding the
characteristics, evolution and implementation of Smart Cities. Organised in a
reader-friendly style, this book takes the reader through the whole gamut of Smart
City development from the conceptualisation until implementation, covering not only
abstract ideas but also the actual practice related to Smart Cities. Topics touched
upon throughout the book include:
• The justification for proper city management.
• ICT as a means to rather than objective of proper city management.
• The conception of Smart City as a sustainable and viable city development
• The importance of pre-existing structural and institutional factors when planning
Smart City initiatives.
• Smart City initiatives globally.
• The Malaysian Smart City movement.
• And much more.
Providing both abstract and practical information, this book is an essential guide in
harnessing the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 in smartening the urbanisation
process. Finally, it is worth stating the overarching argument of this book: A city
is as smart as its citizens; employing technology for technology’s sake has been
proven to be a mistake of earlier Smart Cities, and people-centric Smart Cities are
the way forward.

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