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Chapter 1: Basic Concepts 
Chapter 2: Radiation Units 
Chapter 3: Radiation Sources and their Application 
Chapter 4: Biological Effects of Radiation 
Chapter 5: Principles of Protection from External Radiation Hazards 
Chapter 6: The Legislative Structure 
Chapter 7: Dose Limitation and Reference Level 
Chapter 8: Safety Procedure for Radiographic Work 
Chapter 9: Radiation Protection Organization and Programme 
Chapter 10: Radiation Monitoring Equipment and Monitoring 
Chapter 11: Personal Dosimetry 
Chapter 12: Principles of Protection from Internal Radiation Hazards 
Chapter 13: Waste Disposal and Leakage Testing 
Chapter 14: The Transport of Radioactive Materials 
Chapter 15: Plan and Procedure for Radiological Emergencies 

IT IS WELL understood that working with radiation involves a certain degree of risk. Thus the primary objective of radiation protection is to ensure that any operation involving or associated with ionizing radiation is so conducted that health and safety of individuals inside and outside the establishment are protected. This objective is expected to be achieving by application of relevant regulations and safety standards and the effectiveness of the protective measures adopted. 
 : : : This book aims to provide a comprehensive account of the various issues in radiation protection, also providing the necessary scientific background programme. General principles and practices are laid out in detail, in particular examples being taken from areas such as non-destructive testing (NDT) and the applying of gauging sources in industrial process control. The book is intended to be useful to a wide group of people, including those involved an industrial, medical and environment situations that confront the useful and harmful effects of radiation. In particular, the book is intended to support radiation protection raining programmes and therefore should be most useful as a training text for radiation awareness and more intensive vocational courses.

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