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The pedagogical transformation in the 21st century mathematics
classroom has called for innovative assessment approaches that
are more coherent and integrated. Innovative assessment does not
merely incorporate innovative tasks or use of technology but should
incorporate applications of knowledge and skills, be relevant to real-world
problem situations and provide useful instructional feedback among other
purposes. Innovative assessment enables educators to assess students’
conceptual understanding that involves higher order thinking skills and deeper
mental activities.
In this book different innovative assessment approaches used in the
mathematics classroom are discussed. The assessment methods are
implemented in different areas of mathematics including algebra, statistics
and even mechanics. Furthermore, various approaches to innovative
assessments are presented such as Newman’s error analysis, Rasch analysis
and visual reasoning. This book is timely as the teaching and learning of
mathematics in the classrooms have come a long way from the teacher as
the provider of knowledge to students and teacher collaborating together in
constructing the students’ knowledge. As such, the assessment approaches
must also undergo changes and it is hoped that this book will help educators
in achieving this purpose.

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