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Teaching and Learning English in Malaysian Higher Education contains a compilation of existing ELT practices from some Malaysian public universities concerning programme or course design, classroom practice and assessment practice. The volume sets out to emphasise the close links between curriculum, delivery and assessment. The different chapters reflect an agenda believed to be of significance to the different universities, which may at the same time be of interest and of practical use to English language teaching professionals in Malaysia and beyond.
    The experience and insights shared will hopefully yield a fresh assessment of current ELT practice, especially with respect to its purpose and effectiveness, and help inform practice and stimulate ideas as the first step in an ongoing discussion. The common thread in each chapter is the need to be critical of our own practice in the light of current developments in ELT as well as the practical requirements of the world of work with respect to English. The ultimate goal is to ensure that students graduate with the level of proficiency in English required for academic success and the communication skills for further study or employment.
    This book is expected to be of interest to students, teachers, academics and researchers working within ELT, TESOL, applied linguistics and language education.

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