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Rapid advancements in technology has disrupted the way education is delivered. Progressive learning approaches which may require a transformation of the culture of teaching and learning are required to motivate and engage the 21st century learners. Blended learning, which combines face-to-face instruction with technology-mediated instruction is one of the models used in higher education for this transformation. “Practical Applications of Blended Learning: Teaching and Learning for Higher Education” is a compilation of learning approaches and pedagogical models with blended learning, which has been implemented in higher education. The chapters in this book covers themes related to Engaging and Motivating Learners, Instructional Models for Blended Learning, and Technology Tools for Instruction. This book provides practical applications vital for educators and institutional leaders in planning for the implementation of blended learning in instruction. In addition, researchers planning for innovative instructional practices with technology can also gain from the experience of the research in the implementation of blended learning.

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