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This book, which is part of the Institute of Educational
Leadership (IEL), University of Malaya book publication
series, is written to help students better understand
their research in Instructional Leadership. The first objective
is to provide access and visibility on past dissertations and
thesis research done in Instructional Leadership at IEL to the
public and other Higher Education Institutions, local and
international. The second objective is to provide fast facts and
information on postgraduate students and their dissertations
and thesis. This will save precious time of having to search for
each dissertation and thesis.
The structure of the book is based on the students’
interest and need. The original full text of these dissertations
and thesis can be accessed through the QR code provided
at the end of each chapter. Future postgraduate students
interested in Instructional Leadership will also find this book
useful. The book highlights what sort of research was done
before, what kind of research is expected, a background
literature on Instructional Leadership and finally how can they
craft a successful research proposal to Graduate on Time.

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