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This book provides a deep understanding of the terms and definitions in the areas of the heritage buildings and their conservations. Architectural styles of heritage buildings and their embodied values were highlighted with specific examples. The risks facing these buildings, with examples of buildings in peril as well as successful conservation efforts are also highlighted.
The legislation and statutory protection of heritage buildings, as well as efforts of local and foreign organisations in conservation were reviewed. Given the extraordinary importance of materials in heritage buildings conservation, the selection of materials for repair and preservation of heritage buildings is also presented.
A reader of this book will have a good perspective of the current and emerging perspectives of heritage building conservation, with discussed challenges and factors influencing the maintenance of such buildings. The book concludes by looking ahead at what needs to be done to further the sustainable conservation of heritage buildings in the light of green growth and low carbon economy aspirations, and climate change, among other factors.
This book will serve as a useful resource, not only as a guide to the basics of the heritage buildings conservation, but also for a deeper understanding of sustainable repair approaches which would be relevant to both professionals and communities involved in this sector.

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