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Corporate responsibility, is it just another passing business fad that will fizzle out, or is it a need that is here to stay? Businesses have constantly been reminded of the benefits of being responsible and the risks of poor corporate responsibility performance. However, there are also evidence of firms with good corporate responsibility records that have not been successful and firms with poor corporate responsibility performance that could reward shareholders handsomely. Offshore outsourcing of business activities from developed countries to developing countries does not only relocate investments and jobs, it has also brought about new business demands on suppliers activities and their social and environmental impact. This book explores the nature and extent of corporate responsibility practices among the electrical and electronics firms that engaged in offshore outsourcing activities in Malaysia.

    Specifically, the following areas are explored, firstly, the impact of offshore outsourcing activities on corporate responsibility practices; secondly, the influence of the local regulatory environment on corporate responsibility practices; and thirdly, the effect of corporate responsibility practices on business performance.

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