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Digital Reference Services in Academic Libraries presents the background of DRS, evolution of DRS, the concept of DRS, emerging models of DRS, benefits and limitation of DRS, personalized services, trends and challenges, technological developments, evaluation and guidelines, effectiveness and DRS in academic libraries. The case study examined the existing status of digital reference services (DRS) in four selected public academic libraries in Malaysia. Focused is given on the awareness, usage, users’ perception, users’ satisfaction, library’s performance, and looked at the perceived needs, issues and problems faced by librarians and students. The study is important to determine how academic librarians are exploiting the latest information and communication technologies to improve reference service operations. Recommendations are made on the need for the implementation of synchronous DRS, enhancing the role of DRS, marketing and promotion, staff training, user education programmes and cooperation. The main contribution of this book is the assessment of effectiveness of DRS in academic libraries in Malaysia, the identification of perceived needs, issues and problems and suggestions on the areas of improvement in the use of DRS. In the process, a conceptual model for the effectiveness of the implementation of DRS in academic libraries in Malaysia is presented. The author also proposes directions for future research in the area of DRS.

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