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Senator William Fulbright’s idea to build up a world of tolerance, mutual understanding - and even better - friendship instead of animosity became a reality in early 1960s. Since then thousands of scholars have benefitted from an on-going initiative of educational and cultural exchange. This book Fulbright Chronicles: American experience, Malaysian perspective is a compilation of experiences and reflections of Malaysian Fulbright awardees as visiting scholars to the United States of America since 1963. Each chapter is a narration of the intellectual and cross-cultural experiences of the Malaysian Fulbrighters. 

This book, first of its kind, is expected to serve three purposes: 
• Document Fulbright awardees’ educational and cultural exchange activities and experiences; 
• Serve as a guide for potential candidates in their preparation to earn the Fulbright grant; and, 
• Assist successful candidates in decision making and mental preparation on what to expect and how to maximize their stay in the United States of America. 

The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy – the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something we have failed to see, or may see it more accurately. The simple purpose of the exchange program… is erode the culturally rooted mistrust that sets nations against one another. The exchange program is not a panacea but an avenue of hope… J. William Fulbright

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