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On & On started out as a confession
corner created by a teenager growing
up with many unspoken questions
and confusions. Most of us have
unexpressed thoughts hidden deep
inside our hearts while we trudge on
with our daily lives. The poems in On
& On
plot the journey of the teenager
from valleys of doubts, fears and
failures to heights of hope, courage and
the ability to cope with uncertainties by
being true to oneself and moving on to
discover one’s real abilities.
Each poem is accompanied by a picture
taken by the author; the pictures are
there to complement the feelings
expressed in the poems. Most of the
photography is nature-based as the
author aims to let the reader discover
how they can learn much from their
natural surroundings. The pictures will
show that everyone’s world is different,
depending on how we decide to see and
react to things. Throughout the book,
the readers will be able to experience
the healing journey of the narrator.

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