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What were the roles, contributions and achievements of the MACC for the period of 50 years from 1967-2017? What is the chronology of the development of legal provisions for crimes of corruption? When was the starting point in the establishment of anti-corruption organisations?

In the treatment of these three topics, this book is distinctly different with its own special features. This is the first book on the history of the development of criminal law on corruption and the achievements of anti-corruption institutions in Malaysia over the years. The establishment of the Special Crime Unit and the Prevention of Corruption Unit in 1959 should be considered as the starting point in the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) in 1967 when the two existing units were merged into a single institution equivalent to a complete department and completely separate from the Royal Malaysian Police.

After undergoing a number of changes, in 2009, the ACA eventually developed into a commission, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). During its 50-year history, the MACC has made significant contributions at the national and international levels in strengthening public awareness of avoiding corruption.

This book is an important and authentic reference for a good understanding of the history and achievements of MACC in combating corruption in Malaysia.

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