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With case studies of critical pedagogy, Illya and Dr Adelina prove that in creating a love for poetry, teachers can provide
students with ‘new windows of learning that can nurture them into becoming empathic critical thinkers.
Dr Khairani Barokka, University of the Arts London’s
Decolonising Arts Institute.

A must-have reference and model for teachers of language and literature as they guide students to develop not only as
writers, but also as thoughtful human beings.
Laura Shovan, Author of the award-winning
The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary,
Takedown and A Place at the Table.

‘...a good pedagogical toolbox against stereotypes’.
Dr. Chryssa Velissariou
Doctor of Arts, NBPF Greece Beat Poet Laureate Lifetime, NBPF International
Beat Poet Laureate 2017-18 (USA), World Poetry Canada and International
2024-16 Peace Ambassador to Greece.

Building a culture that cares is something we all need to do, no matter where we live. This book demonstrates how
spoken word poetry can be a doorway to a better, more compassionate world.
Lisa Vihos, Poet Laureate of Sheboygan, Wisconsin,
USA and Organizer for 100 ThousandPoets for Change.

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