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This book highlights the economic, educational, psychological, legal, and social concerns of persons
with disabilities (PWDs), and provides various multidisciplinary frameworks to aid in the understanding
of the experiences of the PWDs. Chapters explore issues such as empowering PWDs through improving their communication, selfesteem,
body image perception, soft skills, career development, mobility and functionality, legal knowledge, and participation
in sports (i.e., exergaming). How can you empower PWDs to accept and manage challenges, practice self-advocacy,
and reach their career goals and dreams? This eye-opening book has the answers, told with the authentic voices of PWDs
and experienced researchers in the field of disability studies. Inspirational stories blended with effective strategies are offered
with practical interventions based on latest research. This book will help PWDs to dream big and unlock their full potential.
The distinguished panel of contributors includes academics, practitioners, and activists across various disciplines such
as counselling, psychology, biomedical engineering, law, communication, languages, physiotherapy, and medicine.
This truly multidisciplinary book will be of interest to educators, policymakers, researchers, students, families, self-advocates, and
those who work closely with PWDs. This book is an ideal starting point for all those with questions about what constitutes disability
and how PWDs can be supported in practice.

#We Care, We Love, We Empower!

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