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Biomedical imaging and its related fields are attracting the attention and interest of investigators from many disciplines of medicine. The use of images to manage information about biological and medical processes is fast growing, not only in clinical medicine but also in the biomedical research efforts that support it. 
    Emerging technologies in imaging, computing, physics and mathematics are becoming so important to the entire enterprise of biomedical research. There is an increasing ability to study function, metabolism and biochemistry with advance imaging modalities. 
    Medical research is leading us step by step along a path toward molecular machinery. Imaging has entered a new phase where hybrid imaging methods will begin to encompass anatomic, functional and molecular information. 
    Research imaging covers all aspects and modalities of imaging for integrated research which includes structural imaging, functional imaging and now imaging techniques that permit observation at the cellular and molecular levels. There is a need to match emerging imaging technologies with current clinical and biological needs. 
    The objective of this book is to give an overview of biomedical imaging and an insight into interdisciplinary medical research as well as exploring new approaches for imaging technology development.

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