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Community pharmacies are usually the rst port of call for minor
ailments and hence, community pharmacists have a unique
opportunity through direct contact with the general public to
serve the needs of the consumer and consequently uphold the
image of the pharmacy profession. Therefore, this book will serve
as a resource for undergraduate pharmacy students in Malaysia to
understand the essential roles and practice of a community
pharmacist. For pharmacists who intend to venture into
community pharmacy practice or already in practice, this book will
also be a valuable guide in responding to the various minor
ailments commonly presented by patients/customers in a
community setting and the approaches that can be taken to
resolve these ailments.
This book, for easy reference, is divided into 10 chapters. The
rst two chapters discuss the setting up of a community pharmacy
in Malaysia and the roles of a community pharmacist, with focus
on the dilemma faced by this group of professionals. Chapter 3
emphasizes the systematic approach in responding to symptoms
presented in a community pharmacy which leads to informed
decisions and recommendations. Chapter 4 explains the various
screening tests which may be conducted by a community
pharmacist. Chapters 5 to 9 comprise of common minor health
problems presented at community pharmacies with appropriate
management and also conditions which signal the need for referral
to a medical practitioner. These chapters are separated based on
dierent body systems. Chapter 10 includes information on
vitamins and minerals since these health supplements are
available in community pharmacies and hence, the pharmacists
should serve as a reliable source of information.

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