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Unlike books authored by WW11 veterans/
POWs and renowned journalists who mainly
highlighted the contribution and sacrifices
of the Allied Forces, this book provides more
space for the Asian workers, especially those
from Malaya then; as narrated by survivors/
eye-witnesses of the Siam-Burma Death
Railway during interviews with the author
(2005-2013). This book also focuses on the
intense trauma and hardship experienced
by the general populace as a result of
the Japanese invasion of Malaya and the
communist insurgency thereafter as related by
two prominent personages who had worked
for the Japanese railway administration then.
The content of this book not only shed more
light on the dreadful events during railway
construction but also the unhygienic living
conditions, food shortage, serious illnesses
and brutal treatment of Asian workers by the
captors that led to the daily deaths of workers
in almost all the 70 odd camps and work sites.
The information on events that transpired
more than seven decades ago will certainly create greater interest, better
understanding and awareness among the present generation, especially
the next-of-kin of victims and those with ingrained passion for history to
appreciate the relentless contribution and sacrifice by the unsung heroes
who deserve to be revered in the annals of history.

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