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The chapters in this book signify a synergy of ideas between computers, physics and the human brain in provides an insight to Indian philosophy. The new millennium is the age of the internet and the world wide web (www) is the gateway for information. We are presently emerging from a materialistic, centralised controller, self-centered structure of reality, into one which consists of an inseparable web of relationships. Quantum Physics and chaos itself is made up of relationships, and this new paradigm supports an awarness of deep physical dynamic processes in quantum physics, chaos, thermodynamics, relativistic theory, quantum space-time. These theories provide an insight to the working of the higher human mind. The quantum brain illustrates the higher cognitive functions of the human brain which in the author’s opinion opens window to a personal path and opens an inner revelation which all great spiritual teachers have revealed. The chapters on symmetry and discrete-space-time are significant and help to understand that transformation, i.e. personal transformation, is what we seeking. By weaving our knowledge through an understanding of physics, computers and Indian philosophy, this book presents a transformational perspective, exploring the creative possibility that we are related to a pattern of consciousness that goes beyond ordinary awareness. This book brings to the reader a cluster of ideas which serves as a catalyst for personal changes.

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