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“This Malaysian English Premier is a basic academic description of the linguistic features of indigenization (nativization) of a ‘New English’ (Malaysian English). 
    It is a product of years of accumulated data from various authentic sources which lend to the evolution of Malaysian English highlighting especially the syntactic features which have not been described in so much depth previously. Along with the other aspects such as the phonological and lexical features described in substantial detail, the work is described as a ‘rich resource... which provides precisely such a rich data documentation, and should therefore be strongly welcome... It provides a unique repository of the phonological, lexical and above all, syntactic characteristics of English as used by Malaysians. It provides a substantial contribution toward the recognition of Malaysian English as a distinct variety in its own right.” 

(Professor Edgar Schneider, Professor of English Linguistics, University of Regensburg, Germany/Editor-English World-Wide and Varieties of English around the World)

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