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The articles in this volume explore a wide range of issues on the processes and representations involved in Language and Cognition. The topics cover the role of language in the intellectual functioning of the human mind in general, as well as specific aspects such as the perceptions, processing and comprehension of spoken and written language. What are the mental processes and routines involved in generating, interpreting and understanding language? How do they operate at different levels of organization (word, sentence, discourse) and in different contexts? How exactly do these processes interact with more general cognitive abilities? Does thought precede language? Or is there a more subtle and complex interplay between the two? How do the cognitive abilities of adults compare with these of children? What questions do these issues raise about they way a first language is acquired and a second language learnt? What influence, if any, does a person’s culture background have on his use of language and the way he thinks? Are there any striking characteristics in the way professionals use language? And finally, are there any grounds for investigating language and cognition in machines? Each of the articles in this volume takes us on an interesting exploration of the mind that is likely to deepen our under standing of the above issues. It is our hope that the insights offered will also stimulate further research in this very important and exciting field.



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