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This book is a complete and self-contained presentation of the fundamentals of statistics with many medical examples. The book is written mainly for medical students, doctors, pharmacist, nurses, and other allied health science personnel who have basic statistics in their curriculum. Working health care professionals and postgraduate students who need to use basic statistics for research may find this book useful. The concepts are introduced gradually with accompanying diagrams and illustrations, and the applications of the various concepts are reinforced through examples. The book is divided into two sections; Section One deals mainly with sample data while Section Two emphasises on generalising sample information to the theoretical populations. A specially designed mapping technique is used to guide the readers in understanding the pertinent issues in selecting and using correct statistical tests. Explanations are given in simple terms and in logical sequence on how statistical conclusions and interpretations can be made. It is a reader friendly book that is markedly different from other statistical books in market that emphasise on formulae and theories which to some extent make the general readers shy away from statistics. The authors have made every effort to use local examples so that the reader can relate to the local environment. This book is mainly about statistics as a way of asking and getting answers that lead to further questions.

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