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Murabahah and tawarruq are the most popular contracts used by Islamic
nancial institutions nowadays to structure their nancing products and
manage their liquidity requirement. Popularly known as commodity
murabahah, this nancing mechanism is subject to criticisms particularly
when it is argued to be a form of an organised tawarruq. Bursa Suq
Al-Sila‘ was mainly established to facilitate the commodity trading for the
above facility in a Shariah-compliant way. If you are intrigued to nd out
the actual way commodity murabahah is applied in Bursa Suq Al-Sila‘
away from misconceptions and ambiguities, this book is for you! This
book will also explore the different applications of commodity
murabahah in facilitating Islamic nancial requirements.
This book is useful for Islamic nance professionals, Shariah
scholars, policy makers, academicians, students as well as the general
public. The hope is that this book serves as a stepping stone towards
achieving stronger and more robust Islamic nancial system worldwide.

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