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Loading structures is one of the most significant stages in structural design procedures. Consideration of various loads which may be subjected to a structure during its lifetime is very important. Hence, it needs a special consideration for training students and designers.

Students learn very briefly about the loading and distribution of loads in different courses. However, this subject is so important and it needs special attention to make students familiar with the loading rules as well as usage of their related building codes in one book or in one subject.

Regarding the necessity of understanding this subject for the students and designers, I decided to write this book to introduce the basics and principles in considering different loads and their distribution methods on the structural elements. Thereby, this book is prepared in 6 chapters including Dead and live load and their distribution, Wind load, Seismic load, Soil load, Hydrostatic load and Crane load.

One of the noticeable parts of this book is chapter two which focuses on the wind load based on the Malaysian standard code.

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