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Since 2009, Malaysia’s construction sector has increasingly
introduced some green and energy-efficient buildings by
utilising environmental strategies. They aim to lower energy
consumption, which account for about 40 percent of global
warming. Hence, in Malaysia, some green technology projects
have been carried out. Within the residential housing context,
the adaption of green buildings certifications (Green Building
Index and Green Mark) still remains at an infancy stage.
This book introduces a clear systemic concept of passive
design which starts out with a concept of well-insulated
and airtight residential buildings. The better the degree of
insulation and airtightness, the less cooling is required. The
condition is minimal fresh ventilation provided simultaneously
and supported by a smart system that thoroughly monitors the
respective cooling agents and other tools to create a thermally
comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
Being the culmination of a five-year effort to define
and establish a green and energy-efficient
building, this book targets the adaption of
a tropical passive house for residential
buildings around the tropical belt.

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