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The halal industry is experiencing rapid growth both in Malaysia and internationally. According to the global halal perspective, Malaysia is at the forefront of the development of halal governance, particularly concerning halal standards. The value of the halal food market in Malaysia is RM 37.7 billion, which is indicative of the rapid expansion of the food industry in that nation. The food industry is currently focusing more on halal requirements to satisfy Muslims’ religious obligation to eat halal food and expand the potential halal market to non-Muslim consumers.Halal is both an Islamic moral system and a comprehensive way of life. This book covers halal consumerism in addition to halal philosophies, halal governance and halal certification. The factors impacting the halal practices of Malaysia’s youth, their opinions, and the dynamics of halal consumption from the perspectives of Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia were also highlighted in this book. A comprehensive analysis based on research findings is presented in ten chapters.

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