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The injustice in Palestine is getting worse by the day. In the three
months between October 2023 and early January 2024, Israeli
occupation forces murdered more than 23,000 Palestinians in Gaza
and bombed almost all of Gaza to turn it into a wasteland.
Thousands of Palestinians are languishing in Israeli jails. Their crime is
fighting for freedom and self-determination against the decades-old
colonization of their country by foreigners, mostly European Jews.
In the meantime, the US and some European countries continue to assist
Israel in committing the crime of genocide against the Palestinians.
This book explains the fact that Israel is a settler-colonial project, which
means that it was never interested in the two-state solution. It pretended
to be interested in it during the 1991 Madrid conference and during the
1993 Oslo Accords 1993 to hoodwink the international community into
believing it was interested in peace with the Palestinians. The recent
actions of the current Israeli government, which consists of fascists and
criminals, have exposed further the settler-colonialist nature of the Zionist
project in Palestine.
The chapters in this book will create awareness among people of
conscience around the world of the need for them to insist their
governments highlight the apartheid nature of the Zionist settlercolonialist
project. Only a total boycott of Israel will force it to give
freedom, justice and equality to Palestinians.

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