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In an era where technology influences every facet of our lives, “Research and Theories of Learning in a Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment” serves as an essential guide for understanding the complex dynamics between technology and education. Grounded in the social science research, this book provides a comprehensive overview of prominent and contemporary learning theories, models and frameworks essential for understanding how people learn and their applications in today’s digital learning environment. From novice researchers to seasoned scholars, readers will find a meticulously organized resource that simplifies navigating the myriad theories relevant to their research.

Structured to bridge the gap between complex theoretical constructs and practical application, this volume begins with a broad exploration of the social sciences as a foundation for research. In subsequent sections, it introduces ten theoretically-based research processes that are crucial for applying these concepts effectively. The latter parts of the book delve into an in-depth examination of major theories, models, and frameworks related to learning. Each part is designed to be academically rigorous yet accessible, ensuring that educators, students, and researchers can easily integrate these insights into their own work.

The primary aim of this book is to make a meaningful contribution to the growing body of knowledge on research-based technology-enhanced teaching and learning. It serves as both an invaluable reference and a practical teaching material for courses related to research and learning theories. By providing a robust theoretical foundation, the book helps readers make informed decisions about their research strategies, ultimately enhancing the quality and impact of their research. Whether used as a textbook or a reference guide, this book equips readers with the tools they need to leverage technology in fostering impactful learning experiences.

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