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A NEW type industrialization had spread through Malaysia in the early Seventies. The particular type of industrialization (namely export-oriented industrialization, which is mainly financed and managed by foreign multinational corporations) has not only set the foundation of Malaysia's spectacular economic growth in the eighties and secured its place in the globalised Industrial Economy in the Nineties, it has also provided the impetus for massive changes in Malaysian society. 
    This book, based on the research findings of the HAWA project, assesses the impact of industrialization on the lives of thousand of rural women who have migrated to work in urban used factories and its far-reaching implications for the receiving urban communities in particular and for the Malaysian nation in general. 
    The HAWA Project, directed by Royal Professor Ungku A. Aziz, is coordinated by Dr. Jamilah Ariffin. This book is the first publication of the HAWA project geared towards raising public awareness on the need to safeguard the welfare of factory women, who as workers, form a basic component in Malaysia's quest to become an industrialized nation in the 21st century.


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