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Transforming Learning: Collaborative mLearning for a problem-centered approach can be used by undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in incorporating technology in activities to enhance higher order thinking in problem-based environment. Researchers can gain an insight into a design and development research framework for promoting higher order thinking using technology. This book is also suitable for teachers, trainers and teacher-trainees to identify strategies and activities using technology to train learners for the implementation of collaborative problem solving environment to promote higher order thinking, for creative and critical thinkers in the workforce. Policy makers and school administrators as instructional leaders who have to know how the principles, design and guidelines can be used for the development of thinking skills to transform their learning organizations.  This is inline with the government’s aspiration to emphasise teaching 21st century learners the soft skills of communication and collaboration in acquiring the intellectual processes as stated in the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025 (Preschool to Post-Secondary Education). This is in order to develop wholesome individuals who are knowledgeable, and who possess critical thinking skills, communication skills and leadership qualities, and are ethical, spiritual and possess a strong national identity.


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