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A construction project is normally recognised as successful when the aim of the
project is achieved in terms of predetermined objectives that are mainly to
complete the project on time, within budget and according to the specified
quality of the project. Unfortunately, one of the most significant problems that
plague the construction project is delay. How critical these delays varies
considerably from project to project, but invariably, delay would affect payment.
This book focuses on delay and payment issues in construction projects. There
are many factors contributing to cause delays and payment issues ranging from
factors inherent in the technology and its management, to those originating from
the physical, social and financial environment. Delays and payment issues in
construction projects can cause interruption of work and loss of productivity, late
completion of project, increased time-related costs and third party claims and
abandonment or termination of contracts. Therefore, mitigation and prevention
measures for delays and payment issues in construction project are needed in
order to minimise or prevent negative outcomes.

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