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This book is based on the papers presented at the ASEAN Regional
Conference on Elder Abuse and Neglect (ARCEN) 2017 held on
the 14th and 15th of September 2017 at the Faculty of Law,
University of Malaya. This Regional Conference was held as a sequel
and continuity from the National Seminar that was held on the 19th of
November 2015 and the publication of the book entitled ‘Protecting
the Elderly Against Abuse and Neglect: Legal and Social Strategies’
(collection of articles based on papers presented at the national
seminar). The objective of organising this Regional Conference was to
identify the need to legislate a legal framework relating to abuse and
neglect of the elderly in Malaysia and other Asian countries. The sharing
of knowledge of the development of laws and national policies by the
presenters and paper contributors who are not only from Malaysia but
also from neighbouring countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh
and Pakistan can assist to determine the best practices and models.
It is hoped that this book would be beneficial to researchers, policy
makers, academicians, legal practitioners, healthcare providers and
the public at large. This book is part of the research activities carried
out under the research grant on Protecting the Elderly against Abuse
and Neglect – A Legal Strategy (GC001E-14HTM), under the Prevent
Elder Abuse and Neglect initiative (PEACE), University of Malaya.

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