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For a number of years now, the TIP (Trafficking in Persons) has categorised Malaysia as a source
destination and transit country for human trafficking. This clearly shows the seriousness of human trafficking. Human
trafficking is a transnational organised crime and without doubt is one of the most odious crimes against humanity.
Malaysia is a favourite destination to traffickers due to its strategic location in Southeast Asia and porous coastline.
This book highlights the seriousness of human trafficking to Malaysia as well as the challenges faced by the country in
trying to circumvent the problem.

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that takes form in many different ways which destroys
and scatters the very nature of humanity. This is reflected in the number of cases Tenaganita
has received and managed throughout the two decades of work in fighting against human
trafficking. To work towards curbing and possibly eliminating this crime, we need to understand
what the elements are and what constitutes human trafficking in Malaysia, the region and
the global level. As such this work explores the grimness of the crime and tremendous
impact on the victims and survivors, together with a glance into the responses from various
key players surrounding the issues, challenges and best practices. This book is a step forward
in working, to create a country, a region and a world where people are no longer subjected to
exploitation and trafficking.
Glorene A. Das
Executive Director,
TENAGANITA Women’s Force

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