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In Malaysia, the demographic transition of mortality and fertility from a high to a
low level has resulted in a dramatic age structural shift, giving rise to a
demographic dividend. Malaysia has put in place the various mechanisms in
development planning to improve human capital. Consequently, Malaysia has
done well to realize the demographic dividend in achieving rapid socio-economic
development, which in turn aected the demographic processes.

The introductory chapter of this book elucidates the linkages between
population and development, with particular reference to Malaysia. Chapters 2 to
4 present an update of the demographic situation in Malaysia in terms of changes
in the population structure, fertility, and mortality. Chapters 5 to 8 focus on the
family, women, youths, and the older people in the context of socio-economic
changes. The remaining three chapters analyze the linkages between demographic
changes and human capital development, epidemiological transition, and
environmental degradation.

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