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Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical approach to testing hypothesis about the relationships among variables in a research model. The application of SEM in research has increased tremendously in recent years especially in social and behavioural sciences, education, economics and medical studies. This book presents collective works in various fields of research on concepts, methodologies and applications of SEM analysis using AMOS, SmartPLS, R and MPlus. The book is a practical guide for students and new researchers in conducting and preparing their research reports.
This book consists of twenty-three chapters in eight parts. Part one introduces the concept of SEM analysis. Part two to part seven present twenty-one chapters on application of SEM analysis in research with simple and multiple regression models, mediation models, moderation models, complex models, research instrument validation, and application of Bayesian technique in SEM analysis. Part eight discusses issues of SEM analysis and suggests recommendations for future SEM research. This book is a valuable resource for higher education students, academicians and researchers.

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