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Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions require
ongoing eorts and collaboration from local industry and stakeholders to
enhance its academic outcomes. However, the current body of literature has
exemplied that TVET graduates are poorly accepted by the industry. Clearly, poor
mastery of technical communication skills has aected their employment.
Even though a number of English communication subjects are available in
Malaysian TVET institutions, these subjects seem lacking in terms of its focus and
learning content to develop technical communication skills.
Acknowledging the potential of technical communication to enhance the
employability skills of TVET graduates, this book seeks to propose pedagogical
strategies to eectively introduce technical communication in Malaysian TVET
institutions. Combining theories, models, and current practices of technical
communication courses in TVET institutions, this book oers an in-depth
exploration of relevant objectives, the content of learning, methods of delivery,
and assessment methods for the pedagogical strategies.
It is hoped that the Technical Communication Pedagogical Strategies for an
Industry-based Curriculum will serve as a reference to improvise the current
curriculum in Malaysian TVET institutions and to enhance the employability of the
graduates in the near future.

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