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Service Learning in the Malaysian education system is contemporary and dynamic. In 2019, the Ministry of Education introduced a new component under the Department of Higher Education called Service Learning Malaysia-University for Society or better known as SULAM. It is a meaningful component in the university curriculum which is a course-based, credit-bearing educational experience.
University students participate in a structured service activity that uses the knowledge learnt in lectures and utilised for community needs. This enables the students an opportunity to serve in the real world while learning soft skills such as effective communication, collaboration with community and making sense of what they are studying in the university. It boost their confidence and adds value to their civic responsibility.
In the current Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, education (the teaching, transfer, assessment and utilisation of knowledge, skills, and values) can take place anywhere, any time or in any situation. With this new development, SULAM can be further explored to every level of education as practiced in many developed nations.

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